SMARTvt consultants

University Job Club

Built on the winning Job Club concept, the SMARTvt University program offers your graduating students a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves in today's competitive job market. It allows the Institution to demonstrate its commitment to its student's success and to differentiate itself from other school career placement programs.

Our 13 week structured program features the techniques and concepts proven effective in SMARTvt's Job Club for the Professional while being tailored to the school's needs and offering a safe, effective platform to transform the classroom experience into a rewarding career.

Members will participate in:

  • Thirteen, two hour weekly club meetings with individual topic-specific breakouts immediately following.
  • A focused discussion on the basics of personal branding and career development.
  • Skills and professional development training
  • Individual goal setting and accountability
  • Build a personal branding tool kit
  • Developing and delivering the winning elevator pitch
  • Writing the effective resume
  • Developing a value proposition
  • Building a multi-dimensional social media network
  • Distinguishing yourself from the market
  • Winning interview skills
  • One on one coaching and mentoring with leading industry executives
  • Uncovering the hidden job market
  • Free access to SMARTvt webinars and networking events
  • Temporary job and consulting opportunities

Our University Job Club Guarantee

If a student does not find employment after completing our program, we will re-enroll him or her into another Job Club program at no charge.