Become CEO of your own career

Job Seekers

Are you trying to find your way in a difficult jobs market? Does it seem the rules of the game have changed since you last sought a job? Do you want to become a compelling value to any potential employer? Job Club Can Help. With hundreds of members, we have supported local professionals and businesses in developing the advanced skills and expertise needed to be competitive in an unstable economy.


Need a workforce with advanced skills, ready for future challenges? Think SMARTvt.

How does it work?

Job Club is a structured, weekly group meeting to assist professionals in changing their mindsets from being long-term employees to becoming effective value-added solution providers to an organization.

Based on Nathan Haslett's ground-breaking work on the Community Support model, Job Club unleashes the power of group dynamics to transform our professional point of view in a safe and supportive environment.

Be the CEO of your own career

  • Build your brand
  • Develop your value proposition and present it with confidence
  • Market your message with a high-impact resume and a network of advocates
  • Effective use of social networking tools

We will provide the coaching, mentoring and motivation you are seeking.

SMARTvt in the News

SMARTvt and its members were profiled on Money Sense New England broadcast on VPT.

The Marketplace

The realities of the marketplace have outpaced the realizations of the workforce.

  • Fact: Jobs are no longer forever.
  • Fact: Careers are a series of individual projects.
  • Fact: Employers hire a value proposition to solve an immediate issue.

Are you prepared to compete in this rapidly-evolving marketplace? Can you position yourself successfully against your competition? What is your value proposition? Job Club will help you bridge the gap.The program works.

With a >95% success rate, SMARTvt assists you in finding the job you seek with the best companies. Take charge of your future today. Ask us how we can help you.

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